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We are very proud of our remarkable Matric Class of 2023, who achieved an excellent set of matric results. This group will be remembered not only for their academic success but also for their resilience and unwavering commitment to pushing their own boundaries. We celebrate every Rosie who achieved their personal best and believe that every individual result is worthy of equal honour.


We are very proud of their 100% Bachelor Degree pass rate.  The class obtained 134 distinctions from 54 candidates and obtained a Grade average of 74% – this is cause for great celebration. Furthermore, we have six students who ranked in the top 1% of IEB students in one of the following subjects: Afrikaans First Additional Language, English Home Language, History, Mathematical Literacy and Life Orientation.


I also wish to congratulate our passionate teaching staff on our Class of 2023's stellar results, which are evidence of the academic excellence we strive for at our school. Our averages were well above the IEB national averages, which speaks not only to the dedication of the Grade 12 teachers but also to the education our Rosies have received throughout their years at St Teresa’s School. We are proud of these young women who we have had the opportunity to nurture and grow.


Thank you to the parents for their support over the years, not only for the school and teaching staff but also for their loving support for their daughters. May they celebrate these achievements with them as families, and bask in their glory.



Personally, and on behalf of St Teresa’s School, I wish the class of 2023 all the best for their journeys ahead. May their futures be as bright as their potential, and may the St Teresa’s values continue to be a guiding light in their lives.


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