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Bounce: How to Raise Resilient Kids and Teens is an easy-to-read, effective guide that can make an immediate difference to your parenting approach and your relationship with your children. Based on years of experience as a parent and a parenting expert, it provides accessible information and advice, thought-provoking exercises, and proven techniques. It explores issues that impact us all, including:

  • What is resilience?

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Building resilience in our children by working on our own resilience

  • Boundaries and gentle parenting

  • Helping children through grief

  • Parenting the anxious child

  • Tips for divorced parents

  • Childhood depression

  • Highly sensitive children and resilience.

Bounce will help you tackle this messy and beautiful journey of life and parenting in a very human way.

Please RSVP Mulalo Magatshavha 

011 442 6235 Ext 2 or email


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