The High School

Welcome to St Teresa’s High School!

The staff at St Teresa’s School are committed to the Mercy philosophy of education, and play a central role in implementing these principles.

Our teachers believe in the unique gift that each person is, and appreciate the individual contribution that each one can make, with God’s guidance. We see our goal as working with one another in a loving Christian environment. We aim at a holistic education so that our young people develop and realise their dignity and potential as participating, responsible and compassionate citizens of our country, aware of their own identity and able to deal with life experiences.

Our parents are supportive of this ethos which enhances the effectiveness of our Mercy education. They are encouraged to develop close links with the school, to collaborate with the teaching staff in fostering the full capabilities of their daughters, and to become actively involved in school/parent associations.

We are grateful for the success our students achieve, not only during their school years, but also as confident adults contributing positively and creatively to our society in every country of the world.